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Want to improve something in the classroom, the team, the office...? Got an idea, a tension, an itch, or an irritation?! Good - that's the first step! As an education practitioner, whether teacher, senior leader, teaching assistant or administrator, working in a school is about one main thing - helping students to improve their learning. This research programme is about supporting you to take a close look at your own practice and through a systematic approach, led by experienced education consultants, investigate ways to improve what you do in your everyday work. This is sometimes called practitioner research or practice-based research, often designated 'action research' but the key feature is that the focus is you, your research, your learning and the impact that has on students' learning. Join a growing network of international schools working with Creative Practice and Phil Whitehead to change the way schools look at learning. Check out the Oak House button below for a quick preview of what's to come at TBSC - oh, and we have a Spanish version of most things on the Oak House site...And did I mention the BURSARY for participants?


In summary, it is:

  • A research programme you do alongside your normal, every day practice. The programme grew out of a research module written originally for a masters degree for international schools. This programme is not a university accredited course but we do pitch the thinking and the activities at the same level. Phil worked for over 10 years teaching and leading masters programmes at Oxford Brookes University in the UK. He was awarded a University Teaching Fellowship in recognition of his work in teaching and learning.
  • State of the art professional learning/development and a highly regarded approach by organisations such as the IB and CIS, and see the Australian Standards for Teachers – lead teachers. The main aim is to improve teaching and learning, but we also want to incentivise working at TBSC, and this also makes you an even more attractive recruitment prospect.
  • A commitment to work on an intervention project to improve an element of your practice¬†and this entails some extra curricular work and time. You will need to give up time on Friday evenings and Saturdays during the formal cohort meetings across the programme year; commit some time to meet with your project group and to read around your theme. This should not be onerous and is remunerated once you finish the project.
  • A 3-cohort funded programme. This is not planned as a one off venture. Cohorts/Projects run from a start date in the autumn term to a final presentation of findings during the following autumn. In Barcelona this is November to the following September; in Paris this is January to October; in Florence this will be January to October. It works like this to fit in with internal and external staff conferences and to allow for time to prepare professional responses to your findings. ¬†TBSC will be November-August, 2019; October 2019-July 2020.
  • Externally supported through face to face and online sessions in research methods and methodology by a consultant (Phil) who knows your school and understands the context you live and work in.
  • Part of a growing network – There are other schools and staff working on their versions of the programme that you can link up with.
  • A remunerated programme – There is a research grant attached to completing the programme in recognition of your time and commitment – this was $2000 in 2019 but will be under review for 2020. There are other exciting follow up prospects for researchers currently under discussion!
Location Dorset, South West England, UK Phone (+44) 7545922612 E-mail creativepractice@me.com Hours We work internationally from the UK but please respect time zones
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